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Getting Started

RSS is new-ish technology that is particularly helpful with the kind of work we're doing in the RussForPresident movement. It is used in several of the widgets available on this site.

But there are other important uses. First off, there's the new Feingold State Sites feed. It combines posts from all the state blogs, sorts them by date, and can be plugged into the feed reader of your choice.

For example, here are three quick ways to take advantage of the feed right away:

altAdd to GoogleAdd to My AOL

If you're looking for a more powerful tool, you can get a desktop RSS reader. A good free one is RSSOwl and a good not-so-free one is FeedDemon. Tools like these can import a bunch of feeds at once in a OPML file. I wrote Feingold.opml and popped it up for anyone who wants to use it.

Feeds With RSSOwl

Surf the repository for more goodies.

Your Feedback

Here are some of the places that you can share your ideas about this and other RussForge tools with the developers: