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Feingold Presentations

PowerPoint style presentations can be of great use in getting the word out. Whether they're actually used as presentations, as pamphlets, or whatever, it's a good way of combining multimedia into a structured document.

An introductory presentation, pictured below is in development. It could use some tender loving care while it's dad is preoccupied with techie concerns. It'd be a great place to start working in RussForge.

Don't have PowerPoint? Check out Sun Microsystems' free Microsoft Office work-alike suite OpenOffice. The OpenOffice Impress program allows you to edit PowerPoint presentations. You can get the free, no-hassle download for MicroSoft Windows, Max OSX, and a number of Unixes at OpenOffice.org.

The Feingold '08 Presentation

Surf the repository for more goodies.

Your Feedback

Here are some of the places that you can share your ideas about this and other RussForge tools with the developers: