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Current Projects: The Interactive Map Widget


This widget is an interactive map that can help users find their state blogs and e-mail lists. If the state blog doesn't exist yet, it gives some pointers on how to start one up. It's a combination of the current State Blogs Widget and the Google Maps API.

Everyone is welcome to use this widget, and the source code is available in the public CVS repository. One easy way to incorporate this widget into your site is to copy this HTML into your site:

<iframe src="http://feingold08.sourceforge.net/apps/50blogs-map-small.html" width="440px" height="310px">
<a href="http://feingold08.sourceforge.net/apps/50blogs-map.html" target="50blogsmap"><img src="http://feingold08.sourceforge.net/apps/50blogs-map-big.jpg" alt="Picture of 50 States Map Widget" height="225" width="400" /></a>

Which puts a small version of the interactive map on your page, giving the user the option to open a larger version of the map.

Questions, comments, feature requests, and bug reports are welcomed.

Surf the repository for more goodies.

Your Feedback

Here are some of the places that you can share your ideas about this and other RussForge tools with the developers: